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We Are The Professionals in Water Damage Remediation in Sebring

5/30/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage We Are The Professionals in Water Damage Remediation in Sebring Water damage remediation can spiral out of control if done wrong. Contact the professionals at SERVPRO today.

Water Removal or Drying? Which is More Important for Mitigating Water Loss in a Sebring Home?

When it comes to water damage, a frequent mistake homeowners make is not thoroughly drying the area. Blotting up water and then setting up fans only dries the surface. Areas within wall cavities and subflooring create problems such as foul odors if not professionally cleaned up.

A homeowner contacted SERVPRO and requested water removal services in the kitchen of her Sebring home. Upon our arrival, we quickly identified the source of the leak and began scoping outward to methodically identify every area the water migrated into using both thermal imaging and probes. We showed elevated moisture levels under the kitchen sink where the leak originated and under the cabinet.

When SERVPRO technicians extract water from a site, it is not uncommon for us to do several passes with our portable pumps to pull up every drop of excess moisture possible. The reason for this is that it lessens the time needed for drying when we deploy our air movers.

After we identified the areas where the water had migrated to, we set up the room for drying. Our technicians hold certifications in Applied Structural Drying. Air movers are much more than fans. They create a chain reaction by forcing high-velocity air over surfaces, and it causes the moisture from within to rise to the surface. Once there, our dehumidifiers capture it and port it away. Because our technicians concentrate on removing as much water as possible before drying, this part of the restoration process often goes quickly.

After drying, returning the affected areas to sanitary conditions and inhibiting mold and odors is a priority. We use EPA-registered cleaners to wipe down all surfaces, so it smells as clean as it looks.

Water removal should happen as quickly as possible to avoid potential secondary damages to your property. Call SERVPRO of Highlands County at (863) 446-0258 whether your water loss is a little or a lot, we have the equipment and certifications to make it, "Like it never even happened."

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When Water Causes Damage To Your Sebring Condo, Our Crew At SERVPRO Is Ready To Help!

4/10/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage When Water Causes Damage To Your Sebring Condo, Our Crew At SERVPRO Is Ready To Help! Like you, we want to leave your home “Like it never even happened.”

Finding An Expert Team To Remove Water From Your Sebring Condo When You Are Not In Town

Owning a second home in Sebring as retirement approaches is an investment in a close-knit community that will welcome you when you are ready to make it your permanent home. The best part is that your condo unit stays in perfect shape even when you are away. However, accidents happen and a leak in your neighboring unit can leave you at a loss for how to handle repairs at a distance. It is always best to leave water removal to the experts, and even more so if you are not present when the incident happens.

SERVPRO is available 24/7 to help with your water cleanup needs in Sebring. We have the formal training and on the job, experience to arrive at your home and quickly assess the extent of the damage. Our first step is making sure that the source of the leak is under control so we can start extracting any water that has seeped into your home. If it has been clean waters, we may be able to move fast enough to save all of your belongings and avoid further water saturation to structural elements in your home. Even your carpets can be salvaged when your call comes quickly, and we arrive on time.

Mold is another crucial reason to call our SERVPRO team to your rescue as soon as you can. Standing water is an invitation for mold and bacteria to reproduce and spread throughout your house. Our technicians monitor this proliferation carefully and take action to curtail it, even before it becomes a widespread problem. Our dehumidifiers and air movers help encourage air movement within your condo, so its moisture levels return to normal. When there is a need for further repairs, such as repairing tiles or drywall, we coordinate with contractors so the process is seamless and the restoration process is completed promptly.

SERVPRO of Highlands County is at your service whether you are a full-time Sebring resident or not. By calling (863) 446-0258 you have access to a competent team of experts that can make a water leak a thing of the past. Like you, we want to leave your home “Like it never even happened.”

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Our Water Drying Specialists Will Restore Your Sebring Home Today!

2/18/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Our Water Drying Specialists Will Restore Your Sebring Home Today! We are available 24/7 to restore your home of water damage. We have the education and the tools to do it right the first time, call us today.

How We Mitigate the Varying Degrees of Water Damage in Your Sebring Home's Walls

Water that stays contained safely inside the different pipes and basins within your Sebring home rarely cause a problem. The many different ways that water becomes lost by leaving the confines of these places can create messes or lead to severe damage. The length of time and the amount of water both affect the amount of destruction a home endures.

When you first notice that your Sebring property is showing signs of water damage, you might feel drying things our solves the problem. SERVPRO water drying specialists have the skills and education to dry things out, but the damage also needs mitigation. We use our Green Fleet to bring all of the necessary tools and equipment to your home so we can perform both aspects of water damage mitigation.

When walls made of drywall come into contact with water for more than a quick cleaning, they can become damaged. A bubbled texture appears where swelling occurs underneath the paper covering of the drywall. We can often dry walls at this stage, but some swelling might remain permanent. Sanding permanent swelling down and then covering it with spackling can save the wall from requiring more intensive efforts.

More extended periods of exposure to water can lead to walls that fall apart, exposing electrical wiring and other hazards. Removing these areas and replacing them with new materials protects your family while also preventing secondary water damage from forming. Before closing these areas off with new drywall, we make sure they become dry again by pointing our air movers at an angle that directs the air in and then out again.

Secondary water damage can include mildew infestations that can cause health effects. Prevention of this and other problems typically saves homeowners from more drastic damage later. Our goal is to mitigate as early as possible to help make your home “Like it never even happened” and at the lowest cost possible.

SERVPRO of Highlands County provides mitigation services to homeowners in Lorida, Lake Placid, and Sylvan Shores, including water damage and other disasters. Call us at (863) 446-0258 to find out more about how we can help you protect your house.

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Our Crew Is Faster To Any Size Disaster When A Water Damage Emergency Happens In Your Avon Park Home!

11/27/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Our Crew Is Faster To Any Size Disaster When A Water Damage Emergency Happens In Your Avon Park Home! When you come home after work in Avon Park and find your home saturated because of a busted pipe, things might seem like they can only get worse.

Water Removal Services Save The Day When You Find Your Avon Park Dwelling Soaked

When you come home after work in Avon Park and find your home saturated because of a busted pipe, things might seem like they can only get worse. SERVPRO is always ready for emergencies like this, though, so there is no reason to try to get things cleaned up yourself. Using a broom or mop to push the water out the door might seem like a good idea, but the bulk of the water can quickly prove to be too much for one or two people.

SERVPRO technicians have training in how to best work in teams, so mitigating such disasters can efficiently protect your Avon Park with targeted water removal services. We use high-powered submersible pumps to pull the water out of your home at a rapid rate and then switch to smaller units that can remove water from tighter spaces, like along baseboards and under cabinets.

Water can find its way into interior walls because of the force behind the water pushing it into such areas. However, this same water, once inside, never seems to leave on its own. Without the force behind it to push it out, it just sits there. We apply the necessary force by removing baseboards and drilling tiny weep holes so the water can escape. We remove this water as it appears, and then force warm, dry air into the same space. This process dries the wall out from the inside, making it much less likely to damage the walls permanently.

Another aspect of water removal involves the removal and disposal of damaged materials and belongings. We do this to not only protect your property from the increased risk of water damage but to also minimize the effects of moisture on the microbial population inside your home. Soaked materials continually give off moisture into the air, raising the water vapor amount considerably. Odors from the chemical reactions also begin to appear inside homes with this kind of situation, so our Odor Control Technician (OCT) is always ready to provide you with effective relief.

SERVPRO of Highlands County understands that fast water removal makes a considerable difference in the final results of a home's mitigation and restoration. Our 24-hour emergency services line, (863) 446-0258, is always ready to provide you with much-needed assistance.

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The Real Truth Behind Leaks and the Water Damage That They Cause to Your Sebring Home

10/31/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage The Real Truth Behind Leaks and the Water Damage That They Cause to Your Sebring Home A leaking hose or pipe can occur for a long time before the damage is visible. Contact SERVPRO to assess the situation and remediate any damage.

Long-Term Effects of Leaking Sink Fixtures in Your Sebring Home

As a Sebring homeowner, you work hard to take care of the needs of your house as they occur, learning new skills and tradecraft secrets to save yourself some out-of-pocket expenses. However, there are certain situations that require skilled professionals in the restoration industry, and water loss incidents are among them. While you might not attribute a leaking faucet to require immediate action, you might become surprised to learn how quickly water damage can spread and affect large areas of your residence.

While many homeowners have experienced water damage in Sebring from leaking sink pipes or fixtures in their home, many have also sought the experience and industry-leading equipment of our team. With a persistent water source like this, the effects can spread quickly into the cabinetry, flooring, walls, counters, and other areas. Stopping the spread is a critical first step, but that goes far beyond repairing the damaged sink.

Our SERVPRO professionals can help you to immediately determine the full scope of the damage from the leaking fixture. Sophisticated equipment like our thermal imagery and moisture detection tools can isolate pockets of moisture and dampness that must get addressed to fully restore the property. While extraction is often not necessary for steady pipe or fixture drips, drying and dehumidification are.

The goal of our SERVPRO professionals is to preserve the damaged materials as best as possible, limiting the amount of tear out and later reconstruction that would be necessary. Dehumidification and drying can help to preserve wood flooring and cabinetry, drawing out the moisture before the saturation allows these materials to bloat and distort.

Finding the right assistance when your home is threatened by water damage is as simple as trusting our professionals. With the mindset that preservation is better than reconstruction, we can help you to dry out and clean up the affected areas quickly beginning the moment that we arrive at your home. You can give our SERVPRO of Highlands County emergency response team a call 24/7 at (863) 446-0258.

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A Broken Washing Machine Can Cause Water Damage Inside Your Lakeland Home

9/16/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage A Broken Washing Machine Can Cause Water Damage Inside Your Lakeland Home Contact SERVPRO if your washing machine leaks or a hose comes off causing water damage. Call right away.

SERVPRO Technicians Have the Training and Experience to See the Full Extent of the Water Damage in Your Home 

Washing machines are an essential appliance, but they're anything but wanted when they begin to cause water damage inside of your home. A washer that has sprung a leak inside your combination laundry room and bathroom can damage the tile flooring and the base of the walls. Sometimes finances are not in a place that allows you to call a plumber immediately. However, trying to fix the problem temporarily by just mopping up the excess water from every load is not a wise decision.
Allowing the water to leak onto your floor during every use of the washing machine can cause water damage inside your Lakeland bathroom, regardless of if you clean it up. Moping it up with a towel doesn't take away the exposure to moisture, instead of a puddle of water, there is now a wet towel there. The moisture has not gone anywhere. When an appliance in your home is leaking, it is wise to call for help before it becomes a problem. Once water damage has set it, do not give time for further damages to set in, such as microbial growth. Call for professional remediation services.
SERVPRO always strives to reach your residence as swiftly as possible. Once there, our IICRC-certified technicians can begin to set up equipment that can help draw the water out of your floor and walls. Allowing water damage to set into tile-flooring can cause cracks and separations in the tile. Thus, getting to work as soon as possible can prevent this from occurring.
SERVPRO uses advanced technology such as ventilation fans, air movers, and desiccant dehumidifiers to address water damage. Using these tools in conjunction creates an environment that is ideal for drawing moisture away from your belongings and causing it to evaporate. This process, depending on how severe the damage is, can take up to a week.
The last thing that SERVPRO can do for you before going is to provide you with the number for a professional plumber. Allowing the washer to keep leaking can allow for water damage to occur once more.
If a faulty appliance causes water damage inside your residence, never wait to call for aid. Contact SERVPRO of Highlands County by calling (863) 446-0258. Day or night, we're always ready to help you.

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