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We Respond Fast to Fire Damage Restoration In Sebring

6/12/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage We Respond Fast to Fire Damage Restoration In Sebring When the scope of fire damage is as significant as shown in this photo, don't hesitate to call us right away.

SERVPRO Fights Fire Damage and Odor in Sebring Nursery

Fire damage in a home carries problems beyond the char and smoke. Water or fire extinguisher residue are often part of the cleanup as well as addressing odors left behind. And even though our technicians work quickly, sometimes we have to push even harder for our customers.

When our SERVPRO emergency response team handled a call from a homeowner, it was to mitigate fire damage in a Serbring nursery quickly. The fire occurred when an ionizer machine to purify the air malfunctioned and overheated the wall plug. One wall was a charred mess, and the electricity was off; as a result, so we used our generators to power our equipment.

The homeowners' new baby was due to be born any day, and they wanted to get the baby's room cleaned and restored from fire damage as fast as possible. Because prolonged exposure to smoke and soot may cause health issues, and it is crucial that professional-level cleaning occurs for fire loss.

We moved the crib, changing table and other items out of the area to be cleaned and disinfected in another area and then contained the nursery to stop any further spread of soot. If there was a positive to the situation, the nursery did not have water damage from putting out the fire, and the only residue from the fire extinguisher needed cleaning.

We cut away the charred sheetrock above the overheated plug using controlled demolition techniques and discarded it as it only contributed to the foul odor in the room. Then using handheld vacuums with HEPA filters, we removed soot and powder-like extinguisher residue from the surfaces and then used wet sponges to clean away the remaining smoke residue.

To leave the nursery as soot-free as possible, we then ran our air scrubber that captures odor-causing soot particles smaller than the human eye can see. Afterward, techs deep cleaned and disinfected the nursery, and the room required no additional odor control procedures. When our SERVPRO team completed mitigation on the fire loss, we gave the homeowner a list of the repairs that the nursery needed to return to its preloss condition before the baby arrived.

SERVPRO of Highlands County at (863) 446-0258 is available 24/7 to assist with fire damage in any part of your home. Our certified technicians have both the experience and equipment to make your fire loss "Like it never even happened."

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Avon Park Fire and Smoke Odor Damage? Call SERVPRO for a Stress-Free Restoration Service

4/16/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Avon Park Fire and Smoke Odor Damage? Call SERVPRO for a Stress-Free Restoration Service SERVPRO Follows the Red Fire Trucks from Avon Park for Fire Damage and Smoke and Odor Control

Restoring a Dining Room after Fire Damage in an Avon Park Home

Candles are one of the leading causes of fire damage in any home, and it is vital to keep an eye on any lit candles in your house, especially if you have children or pets. When your beloved cat accidentally knocks over lit candles during your candle-lit anniversary dinner at home with your spouse, it can leave you with a lot more cleanup than just washing the dishes or sweeping up rose petals.
When your romantic dinner plans go awry because of accidental fire damage in Avon Park, SERVPRO technicians are available 24/7 to mitigate your damage and restore your dining area to its preloss condition with a variety of tools designed to clean soot and eliminate smoke odors in your home.
Most fire damage in a home comes from dry smoke, which is created by fast-burning, hot, oxygen-rich fires. While soot stains from these types of fires are easier to clean because of their lower aerosol content, heat damage is more likely. This type of damage can come in the form of singed fabric on a linen table runner, or blackened spots on an elegant wooden dining table. When exposed to humidity, chlorides and sulfides in soot can become acidic, meaning potential damage and discoloration. Our technicians mitigate this by thoroughly cleaning surfaces in the affected area to prevent the formation of acidic soot residues. SERVPRO utilizes a variety of specially formulated cleaning products to maximize our cleaning results.
Eliminating odors is a crucial aspect of fire damage restoration, and SERVPRO technicians have a variety of tools to address this. The first step to mitigating odors is, of course, eliminating the source of smoke odors and cleaning thoroughly. This may include a controlled demolition of charred materials which immediately reduces the source of odors. Next, industrial-grade deodorizers are used to combat odors on carpets, fabrics, wood, and other porous surfaces that absorb soot and odors like a sponge. Ultra Low Volume (ULV) foggers are often used to eliminate odors by generating deodorant particles as small as 8-15 microns in size to cover surfaces. We can also place hydroxyl generators and in extreme cases an ozone machine to neutralize at the molecular level, smell particulates.
SERVPRO of Highlands County is ready to clean up any size disaster. Call a representative today at (863) 446-0258 and our team can be at your home within hours.

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Why Professional Fire Damage Remediation is Necessary in Sebring

3/6/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Why Professional Fire Damage Remediation is Necessary in Sebring Smoke odors and soot are difficult to remove which is why professional fire restoration services are necessary.

Why Sebring Homeowners Shouldn't DIY Fire Damage Repair

A common complaint we hear about fire damage from homeowners who do their initial cleanup, is after the apparent signs of smoke and soot are wiped away, there is still an odor that brings a reminder of the fire.  The odors result from high-heat fires have smoke that penetrates porous objects, and the smell gets more entrenched than traditional cleaning solutions or methods can reach.  

When SERVPRO technicians tackle the after-effects from a fire at a Sebring home, especially if there has already been some cleanup attempted, we immediately begin assessing the scope of the damage and the mitigation that needs to occur to prevent any additional loss. Often fires are limited to a specific area of the home, and it can be beneficial to stop the spread of any further odor or soot residue to contain the area with poly sheeting.  

Deep re-cleaning with our professional-grade solutions along with wet and dry sponge methods removes additional smoke and soot residue. Our specially equipped HEPA vacuums negate odor-causing fine particles. Another frequent cause of odor is due to moisture from putting out the fire not being adequately dried. We use weighted extractors to push remaining water out of carpet padding and industrial air movers paired with dehumidifiers ensuring complete moisture removal from the walls and flooring.  

The final stage of odor-fighting happens once we have determined the area is dry using moisture detectors and probes. SERVPRO technicians have several methods of fighting unpleasant odors left behind by a fire. Negative air fans and air scrubbers are beneficial for air decontamination, and ventilation of the area and often an ozone machine can clear odors in 24-hours. When a more intense level of odor removal is required, thermal fogging is a method we use to drive a high-heat deodorizing fog that penetrates porous objects and leaves them clean and fresh.  

Fire damage is not something you should repair on your own. Let the certified restoration experts at SERVPRO of Highlands County handle the task for you. Call (863) 446-0258 any time 24/7 and our team can begin the job of restoring your home to its preloss condition.

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Why It Is Important To Have An Escape Plan In Case Your Avon Park Home Experiences A Fire

1/14/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Why It Is Important To Have An Escape Plan In Case Your Avon Park Home Experiences A Fire Since fire can spread so rapidly through your home, giving you maybe as little as one to two minutes to safely escape, a plan is essential.

Creating An Escape Plan In Case Of Fire And Fire Damage In Your Avon Park Home

When a fire breaks out in your Avon Park home, time is your biggest enemy. In under thirty seconds, a little flame can get entirely out of control and turn into a major blaze. Planning properly beforehand could mean the difference between life and death. That is why you need to create a fire escape plan and go over with your family.

Since fire can spread so rapidly through your home, giving you maybe as little as one to two minutes to safely escape, a plan is essential. Getting everyone out is your priority – you can worry about the fire damage to your Avon Park home after the fire is out. Then you can reach out to our technicians at SERVPRO, who have the professional training and tools needed to restore and clean up your home after the fire.

Sit everyone in your household down together and make a plan. Take a walk through your home and check out all the possible escape routes and exits. If you have children, you should think about drawing a floor plan of your home and marking two ways out for each room, including doors and windows. You also need to mark where each smoke alarm is located. SERVPRO techs can also clean your home of smoke residues and smells.

Your evacuation plan should include some key elements, such as using the back of your hand to feel the doorknob, top of the door, and crack between the frame and the door to ensure the fire is not right outside. Use a secondary exit if the door feels hot. If it feels cool, slowly open it as you lean your body up against it.

Make sure no one wastes time trying to save any personal property. Instead, everyone needs to take the exit that is the safest. If you have to go through smoke to escape, cover your mouth and get down low to crawl under the smoke. Designate an area outside of your home where you all can go once you are out safely. Make one person responsible for going to a neighbor’s and calling the fire department. Under no circumstances should anyone go back into a burning home.

SERVPRO of Highlands County understands that experiencing a fire in your home in Lorida, Sebring, or Placid Lakes is very stressful. That is why when you call us at (863) 446-0258, we make sure to arrive quickly to your home and take care of the cleanup and restoration for you so you can focus on your family.

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How Our Team Can Remove Foul Odors From Your Fire Damaged Home Sebring

12/10/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage How Our Team Can Remove Foul Odors From Your Fire Damaged Home Sebring When a fire occurs inside your residence, it can be a frightening ordeal and can leave your home with damages that include strong smoke odors.

Fire Damage Restoration In Sebring Includes Odor Removal

When a fire occurs inside your residence, it can be a frightening ordeal and can leave your home with damages that include strong smoke odors. Luckily, the fire in your house did not destroy your property and left many of your belongings intact. However, the heavy presence of smoke is overwhelming. The best way to deal with this is to call IICRC certified professionals like us right away.

SERVPRO fire damage restoration services in Sebring can restore your home to its preloss condition when possible. Fire can burn materials that can emit smoke odors and can also weaken the structure of the residence. Our trained team can inspect your home for damages and make minor repairs. Plus, they can eliminate offensive smells quickly by employing industrial air scrubbers. The crew may also use air movers and high-velocity axial fans to remove lingering smoke smells. We can also utilize thermal fogging equipment to enhance indoor air quality.

Burned items like carpeting, curtains, clothing, and upholstery can also create pungent odors inside the structure. We can throw away all charred contents. The techs can clean and sanitize materials that they save and can store them on or off-site until the restoration is complete. The team may also use odor deodorizers to eliminate odors from various items and materials such as couches, carpeting, and drapes.

The crew can also use professional cleaning products to remove dirt and soot from surfaces inside the home such as the floors, ceilings, and walls. We may also clean fire residues from other surfaces like cabinets, countertops, and windows. Sometimes, we may need to utilize portable ozone machines to flush out smoke odors. If we use this type of equipment, you must leave the residence until we complete the process due to the strong chemicals. You do not have to worry if we have to use ozone machines because our techs make sure the home environment is safe before you return.

SERVPRO of Highlands County fire damage team is nearby and can help restore your home when possible. We work fast and efficiently and can make it look “Like it never even happened.” Contact us 24/7 at (863) 446-0258.

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Restoring Your Lakeland Home Following a Widespread Fire

9/17/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Restoring Your Lakeland Home Following a Widespread Fire Lakeland Fire Damaged Properties Meet Their Match with SERVPRO

SERVPRO Can Guide You to a Stress-Free Fire Loss Cleanup and Restoration Service for Your Lakeland Property

Many of the minor incidents that affect your Lakeland house you can clean up and repair on your own with little contact from professional outfits. There are circumstances, more widespread and traumatic events, that pose a threat to both the house itself and those that live inside of it. In these situations, it is often a beneficial choice to rely on the experience and equipment of a professional restoration company.

An excellent example of this is fire damages affecting your Lakeland residence. With the varying degrees of damage that you could encounter, homeowners find themselves inexperienced and unclear about what has to happen to return their home to preloss condition. That is where our SERVPRO team of restoration specialists comes to your aid.

From the moment that we arrive at your home, our technicians begin a thorough assessment regarding the full scope of the damage the property has sustained and even a projected estimated cost of the work to get done. This information gets shared with the insurance provider offering coverage to the property and helps to remove the stressful legwork of securing the proof needed to validate an insurance claim on your own.

One of the crucial factors to remember after a widespread fire has gotten extinguished in your residence is to act quickly. The faster that our SERVPRO technicians can get to the scene, the more the damage and loss can get mitigated by our immediate efforts. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. Precautionary services like pack-outs can remove at-risk items, for example, to prevent irreparable damage from remaining amid the affected areas.

There is nothing that can adequately prepare a homeowner for the damage and effects of a fire in their house, but it is essential to trust in the experience and rapid response of our SERVPRO of Highlands County technicians. We can show up quickly and help you through every step necessary to entirely overcome the damages from the disaster and return your home to the way it should be. "Like it never even happened." Contact us anytime that you need us at (863) 446-0258.

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